Using your Phone in the Snow

Now, aside from the obvious issues with water and electronic devices, there is one important thing to know about smartphones, the snow, and the cold. Battery performance goes down in cold environments, and if you let it get cold enough, it will shut the device off completely. This means that if you hit the slopes with half battery left, you definitely won’t make it through the day.
It matters for iPhones and other smartphones because of how important they are, but also GoPro cameras, because of their small battery capacity and how they are used. Sure, Powerocks will drop their capacity while cold too, but their battery size is large enough that you wouldn’t notice it on the slopes.
Oh, and don’t worry, your battery’s capacity will come back when the battery warms up, the capacity drop only happens when cold.
It’s another great reason to carry Powerocks portable chargepacks. Missing the call, missing the picture, missing the video…. it just won’t do.
Using your Phone in the SnowTASVIR COMPANY

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