Purposefully crafted for ease of use and versatility, SpareOne devices and services are embraced by consumers, retailers, telecom operators, enterprise businesses, and governments. Read more below and contact us to hear how SpareOne can enable your vision of communications without restrictions. Our consultative sales approach is built on the premise that good ideas are meant to be shared.



Telecom Operators

Grow subscribers and revenue while unlocking new customer opportunities.

SpareOne offers an opportunity for telecom operators to foster organic subscriber and revenue growth. It can also provide a differentiated service with value propositions enabled by a uniquely simple device and service options that retail and business sales channels can easily present. Leveraging both pre and post paid billing offers, SpareOne service bundles are fantastic for incremental household lines, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and business risk management offerings

Smart operators are thinking that SpareOne belongs in every house, office, vehicle, and backpack!


Enterprise Business

Enterprise risk management, remote device management, and redundant communications platform.

SpareOne is the only mobile phone in the world that does not require wired recharging. The battery included with the phone has a shelf life of 20 years which means that this simple phone is the perfect complement to emergency kits, disaster recovery kits, and redundant communications plans. Companies with risk management plans are evaluating SpareOne as a simple addition for voice back-up as well as more sophisticated location services.




Retailers in mobile, sports and recreation, boating, home improvement, and automotive target new consumer offerings.

Use cases for consumers and small businesses abound.

As a child’s starter phone, SpareOne offers a simple phone, speed dial to loved ones, and location services – all with a school friendly design that does not support distractions such as web browsing, apps, and camera.

Outdoor enthusiasts appreciate SpareOne’s IPX7 water and corrosion resistance feature and the fact that it operates in extreme temperatures and conditions that smartphones simply cannot.

Travelers use SpareOne as an easy roaming phone or a maintenance free backup that remains in luggage or satchel.








SpareOne can be a mission critical communication tool for emergencies and disaster recovery efforts.

In any power failure scenario people depending on mobile phones for communications are at risk. As the only phone operating on a single AA battery, SpareOne is available when needed.

In areas where electricity is scarce or unreliable, SpareOne can be a valuable communication tool. A wireless network, a supply of AA batteries and an active SIM card are the only requirements for reliable communications.

In 2013 Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines causing severe destruction. Teaming up with relief teams and media outlets, SpareOne equipped workers and press members with SpareOne phones to keep them connected during the relief efforts without the requirement to find power to recharge their mobile phones.

SpareOne teamed up with Reliefbox Organization after the tornadoes of Oklahoma in 2013 to distribute SpareOne phones to some of the victims. While the communication towers were recovered a couple of days after the tornado, many areas were without electricity for over two weeks.

Emergency Lifeline : A test program was created to provide active SpareOnes phones to victims of domestic abuse. Services and a SpareOne were supplied as a maintenance free tool, ready to be used if needed.









AA Battery

The world’s most common battery.

Typically cell phones are powered by rechargeable batteries, which have the advantage of being able to be used then recharged, hundreds of times. However they require cords and adapters to be recharged, and even when fully charged, rechargeable batteries lose their charge in a matter of weeks. The SpareOne is the only cell phone that uses a single standard AA battery. AA batteries are commonly sold in stores and are widespread around the globe. AA Alkaline batteries are also very affordable and fully compatible with the SpareOne. AA batteries have the property of keeping their charge, if stored and unused, for very long periods of time, up to 15 years in the case of the AA battery included with the SpareOne.

Our patent-pending power management circuit was designed to operate from the AA battery voltage while managing the power spikes of mobile phone networks.

The SpareOne accepts standard Alkalines, rechargeables and Lithium AA batteries.









Location & Alert Services

SpareOne Plus phones to be easily located on a web based map.

SpareOne has partnered with Monitorlinq to equip SpareOne Plus phones with a state-of-the-art Location and Alert Sevices upgrade option, allowing SpareOne Plus phones to be easily located on a web based map. Using GSM cell tower triangulation system, SpareOne can be located within (+/- 100m) of its approximate location.





Nano-coating Protection

Waterproof & Military Standard

SpareOne has partnered with DryWired to provide the SpareOne phone with a revolutionary 101X liquid nano-coating protection. As part of the agreement, DryWired has begun nano-coating the latest SpareOne Plus Emergency phone with the proprietary 101X fluoropolymer coating in order to make the AA battery operated wireless devices IPX7 waterproof, corrosion resistant and military spec’ed.


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