Recycling Smartphone Batteries in Canada

We get the occasional note asking how we recommend recycling li-on batteries here in Canada. We make a big deal about how recycling friendly our Powerocks portable smartphone chargers are, so we should probably know how to do it. We do.
First, you cannot recycle Li-On through your neighborhood curbside recycling system, unless you live in one of the lucky communities in Ontario that does support it. Most municipal systems are not designed for it. The good news is that there is a handy local recycling service you walk by every day that will do it for you. They are referred to as Call2Recycle . They have cardboard boxes in cell-shops and stores all over Canada, and in your local mall.
Simply put your Powerock or cellphone battery in a plastic bag and drop it in the cardboard box. All done. Call2recycle picks them up and takes care of the recycling.
You can also drop them off at your local land-fill for no charge. Keep that mind next Spring cleaning.
Recycling Smartphone Batteries in CanadaTASVIR COMPANY

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