Prolonging the Life of Your Battery

iPhone and iPad batteries can be pricey to replace, so what can we do to take good care of them so they last longer?
The answer is simple. Avoid “deep discharging” your battery. “Deep discharging” is letting your battery run low before you recharge it, and with lithium ion batteries, it can dramatically shorten the life time of your battery.
The people over at Battery University , run by Cadex Electronics, have run tests comparing the life cycle of Li-On batteries to the level of discharge they typically face before recharging. In other words, if you constantly let your smartphone battery go dead before you recharge it, how will its life cycle differ from a friends phone battery that is always recharged when it reaches 50%?
Quite a bit, it turns out. Your friend’s phone will last a whopping 220-300% longer than yours because of their recharging habits.
Turns out a full discharge before recharging takes a  heavy toll on the battery, shortening it’s life considerably, costing us money, and putting more stress on the environment.
One thing we can do to minimize our effect on the environment is to make and use high quality multi-functional products that last, and use them properly. Powerocks fits the bill. Make them last by recharging them early and often, and use them to do the same to your phone and tablet.
Prolonging the Life of Your BatteryTASVIR COMPANY

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