Stone 3 7800mAh


The Magic Cube is the perfect way to ensure your devices have plenty of juice when and where you need it. It’s lightweight and easy to take with you in a bag, purse, or briefcase.



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7800 mAh
Most smartphones can get up to 6 full charges with the Stone 3.



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    High Capacity

    Mobile power when you need it most.

    • Escalating capacity to charge devices multiple times.
    • Available from 6000 mAh up to 12,000 mAh.
    • Charges iPhone, Android and smartphones as well as tablets, e-readers, cameras, GPS, MP3, gaming systems, and more.

    Fast, Reliable, and Easy Charge

    Charges as fast as a standard wall charge, easy to use.

    • LED letters on front indicating the amount of charge left.
    • 2 year warranty vs lesser brand’s 150 days at most.
    • Less than 1% defective rate.

    Smart and Sleek Design

    Portable and convenient to carry.

    • Wide array of stylish colors and sleek designs cialis sans ordonnance pas cher.
    • Engineered with smart chip technology to prevent damage to devices.
    • Crafted under Apple MFi licenses and guidelines.
    • Meets CE ISO9001, ISO14001, and ROHS standards.

    The Stone 3 is great for

    • Travel
    • Safety
    • Camping
    • Dual Devices
    • Game or Concert
    • School

    Additional information

    Battery type

    Lithium ion; 7800mAh capacity



    USP Port #1 output

    5.0±0.25V/2.1A (for tablet devices)

    USB Port #2 output

    5.0±0.25V/2.0A (for cell phones and MP3 players)

    Dimensions (mm)

    75 x 75 x 27; Includes USB cable for charging the power bank


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