SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone


SpareOne Plus Emergency phone is the world's only single AA battery powered, fullay functioning emergency mobile phone with a 15 year shelf life.


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    Additional information

    LED Flashlight (Torchlight)

    on top providing up to 24 hours of continuous light makes this phone several tools in one.

    Panic siren

    When in distress, utilize the loud audible siren by holding the volume button for 10 seconds, and the panic siren will aid in attracting attention.

    SOS torchlight

    the bright LED light located on top of the phone will flash in Morse code to show you’re asking for help or in distress. Simply hold down the SOS torchlight button for 10 seconds.

    Large Emergency Button

    one touch dialing to 911, no SIM required.

    Speed Dial

    Store up to 9 important phone numbers as speed dial. Quick reference directory sticker provided.

    Audible feedback

    provides audio feedback by audibly repeating the number dialed. This feature also audibly repeats operational messaging such as missed calls and keypad lock notifications.

    Energizer® Ultimate Lithium L91™

    It never needs to be charged, simply replace the AA battery.




    5.7(L) x 2(W) x .75(H) in


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