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Having set a different standard for extension cords, many people have asked us why we do not have an ON/OFF switch on the PowerCube to cut standby power usage. Simply because we do not find it userfriendly: as a power strip is often hidden behind furniture, the on/off switch is hard to reach. The solution is to add a remote, however existing remote-controlled power sockets on the market do not offer a convenient solution, as the remote gets lost or batteries run out.

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    Our creation is the PowerCube Remote, which takes user-friendliness to a whole new standard https://impotenciastop.pt/. With one big “Step-On” button on the PowerRemote you can turn the PowerCube ON/OFF from a distance using either your hands or feet.
    The reusable “Sticky-Pad” on the remote can be used to attach it wherever it is easy to find and reach, so you will never lose it. Furthermore, the modular design concept allows the PowerRemote to pair with multiple PowerCubes, and vice versa, to customize it to your needs. And surprisingly… the PowerRemote does NOT USE BATTERIES as Allocacoc cares about our environment.

    A unique feature of the PowerCube Remote is its pairing system: it is easy to pair different remotes with one PowerCube Remote, as well as the other way around. Just press the button on the PowerCube Remote for 5 seconds, and it will pair to the next PowerRemote that is clicked.
    And if it ever happens that synchronisation is lost there is no need to worry: if you press the button twice all connected devices will be switched off.

    Additional information



    Cord length

    1.5m / 3m


    4 + switch

    PowerRemote included

    In combo-packaging

    PowerRemote range

    25 m

    Mounting dock




    Available socket types

    Type A, B, E, F, G, I, A/I, N

    Standard colour

    Trolley Grey

    Button colour

    Queen’s Orange


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