CH05 White/Green


The ePure corded handset delivers premium voice quality and user comfort for day-to-day conversations on mobile phones, tablets or PCs. At the same time, ePure mobile cares for your body by significantly reducing mobile phone emissions.

With the ePure mobile corded handset, rediscover the pleasure of conversation on your mobile device.

iconExceptional user comfort and ergonomic design
Reduced mobile phone emissions with fulleco technology
Phenomenal High-Definition voice quality
Siri activation and control from the handset
Universal compatibility with iPhone and other mobile devices
Convenient handset volume and call control (*)


(*) Only for Apple devices. Siri and iPhone 4S are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
(**) Mobile devices with 3.5mm jack support. Some phone models may require an adaptor




    Connect your mobile phone or tablet for premium quality communications.

    Rediscover the pleasure of conversation and enjoy your calls with the ePure CH05 Corded Handset from Swissvoice. A totally new experience in making mobile phone communications; the ePure phone delivers superior audio quality for cellular phone conversations. It offers excellent comfort of use, while directing electromagnetic emissions from your mobile phone away from your head using Fulleco technology.

    Significantly improve voice quality and comfort with the ePure Mobile Corded Handset

    Ideal for the office, home, and traveling, this ePure stylish handset will enhance your mobile experience and bring out the features of your other mobile devices.

    Use the ePure CH05 handset to make a phone call in your office, at home or anywhere else whilst using your mobile phone, PC, or tablet and revel in a high-definition talking experience while avoiding 99% of radiation compared to using a mobile phone. Connect it to nearly any smartphone that uses a 3.5mm jack, and then make calls using the simple controls built into the handset.

    “Made for iPhone” Switch

    Choose Apple mode or universal mode according to your device (with “Made for iPhone” switch)

    A hard switch on the CH05’s handset lets you switch between conventional mode and Apple Mode, giving you broad compatibility with any smartphone and iPhone (including latest version) along with support for many different types of features–including Siri and easy volume controls.

    Use with Smartphones, PC, Tablets, and More

    The ePure handset uses a 3.5mm standard stereo plug, allowing you to plug it into many devices like your smartphone for mobile and video calls, or into your PC, laptop, or tablet to chat via Skype®, Google Talk™, FaceTime and any VoIP computer telephony.

    HD Voice

    The HD sound quality is richer, more dynamic, and offers a better listening experience

    The ePure handset has built-in the latest wideband audio technology which makes your conversation experience never same as before. Enjoy crystal clear sound.

    Fully compatible with iPhone 5 and mobile phones with HD voice enabled, the ePure handset’s voice quality is richer and more natural than using the phone on its own. Now callers can feel closer to each other, better at sharing feelings and emotions.

    The HD voice acoustic spectrum ranges from 50 Hz to 7,000 Hz, compared to 400-4,000 Hz for the traditional acoustic spectrum. ePure products are built from the ground up using HD microphones, receivers, speakers, codecs, and a HD speech processing algorithm to achieve the best sound quality.


    Swissvoice implements a variety of expertise to increase user comfort and improve the overall voice experience. The ergonomic design of this classic device allows the user to restfully hold the handset between the hand and the ear. The positioning of the ePure phone on the body can also moderate back pain normally associated with trying to hold small and slim handsets using the shoulder. The shape of the handset is a perfect match to the human ear, improving the overall sound quality and reducing acoustic leakage.

    Fulleco Technology

    Fulleco technology allows ePure mobile accessories to reduce the amount of electromagnetic waves absorbed by the human body.

    There is evidence that radiations absorbed by the brain reduce by 400 percent when the distance between the body and the mobile phone user increases. By using a handset equipped with Fulleco technology, Swissvoice can drastically reduce the body’s exposure to potentially harmful radiations without forgoing mobile functionality.

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