“A single AA battery provides the SpareOne Plus cellphone with enough juice for 10 hours of talking time. This recently upgraded model is equipped with a LED…”


“This is meant to be an emergency and secondary phone for outdoor use or travel use… We know there are a lot of times and people who cannot charge their phone.”


“.. It even has a torch light and it can be configured from an application that shows the location on a Google Map”


Dan Simmons looks at a phone which runs on a single AA battery and can last – if it is left off until needed – 15 years without running out.


“The SpareOne cell phone… could spell the end to a million horror-movie cliches. The slasher is coming and my cell phone’s out of juice. No worries, I have my SpareOne handy.”

“SpareOne could be a lifesaver. Able to hold its charge for up to 15 years, this backup phone will work anywhere with a GSM signal and can store nine contacts…”


“Smartest thing I’ve seen at #mwc2012 – phone that runs off AA battery…” – Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC’s Technology Correspondent)


“A worthy example of the retrograde trend in electronics design, the SpareOne… has only killer app- it runs off a single AA Batter.”


“Less is less Mit dem neuen, schicken Spare One kann man telefonieren – und sonst gar nichts”


“It’s a low-cost, vanilla emergency mobile phone that’s designed to be there just when you need it.”


“When it comes to going mobile, the SpareOne Emergency Phone stands alone.”


“Mobile minimalism trumps fancy smartphones… a refreshingly unique approach to a simple mobile phone that will appeal to smartphone…”


“This mobile phone can hold a charge for 15 years or offer a talk time of 10 hours using a single high capacity AA size battery… keep it anywhere…”


“It’s designed to be used for sponsorship, hotel use and (most importantly) emergencies, to throw into your trunk and forget about until you need to contact roadside assistance.”


“Just put it in the glove compartment and forget about it forever. No, really. Powered by a single AA battery, it’ll last on standby for a reported 15 years…”


“Low-end innovations don’t often grab attention at CES, but this new phone is remarkable”


“An Emergency Phone With a 15-Year Battery Life Is Definitely Going In My Car’s Trunk”


“The unusual design sees the battery forming a lump in the plastic where the display would usually be. This helps keep the SpareOne thinner, which cuts down on material costs.”


“This is the phone for your bug-out bag. It runs on Earth’s most common battery (a single AA) and holds a charge for — wait for it — 15 years.”


“… specifically designed for emergencies, worldwide travel and situations when accessing power is not an option. .”

lakecountryjournal“It also has a twenty-four-hour continuous-use Torchlight and a dedicated 911 dial button. Ideal for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and families.”

laptop-magazine“While it’s not a smart or even feature phone, 10 hours of talk time is an attractive option, especially in an emergency situation. “

mailonline“… unexpected emergency, you’ve likely found yourself without access to a phone. . The makers of SpareOne phone seek to prevent similar situations in the future — or, at least, for the next 15 years.”

mashable“Its makers say that SpareOne is ideal to leave in the car for emergencies, or to pack in travel luggage – especially if you or your loved ones plan to go off the beaten track (or off-piste).”

mens-journal“Right out of the box, it can make emergency calls… Sure, it doesn’t have Angry Birds, but it might save your life.”

thenewyorktimes“Although the phone is a lightweight plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s a really pleasing little design, with a curvy two-tone case and a window front and back that lets you see the battery. “

pc-magazine“The ability to place an emergency call without the need to be connected to a carrier… makes the SpareOne a fantastic tool for any complete emergency preparedness kit.”

playboy“SpareOne’s emergency phone stays charged for 15 years on one AA battery.”

popular-mechanics” It’s not for daily use, of course; … which can always dial 911 but needs a SIM card to make regular calls, might find a home in your first aid kit, glove box, or storm shelter.”

silkair“LIFE SAVER… To the rescue: the SpareOne mobile phone. Running on a single AA battery…”

real-simple“It is Real Simple, at least we think so. So do the minds behind the February 2013 issue of Real Simple magazine.”

latitudes” … powered by a single AA battery. It boasts on-button emergency dialing, geolocation and a floatable, waterproof bag you can talk through. “

make“…survives conditions other phones can’t (-22F to 140F) and automatically text-replies your friends telling them to phone you instead. “

financial-times” SpareOne emergency phone powered by an AA batter, this back-up mobile has a shelf life of 15 years. “

silogdrome“If you’re one of those people, like us, who has a habit of accidentally destroying your iPhone every time you leave the house, the SpareOne Emergency Phone might be just what you need.”

stuff“… designed as an emergency phone to be used – to pick an example entirely at random – when your smartphone’s juice and your luck run out simultaneously.”

sky-magazine“Sometimes the simplest ideas are the smartest. Take SpareOne, a backup mobile phone for emergencies, travel or when your main handset is out of juice.”

taxi“SpareOne is an emergency phone that runs on a single AA battery—perfect as part of your survival kit.”

time“In that case, we’re looking at what may be the ultimate emergency cell phone.”

triphacker“The SpareOne runs of a AA battery. This is a huge advantage if there is no way to charge the phone or the phone dies. This advantage is huge and worth it in my opinion.”

uncrateNever get stuck without a working phone again. The SpareOne Emergency Phone is a dead-simple GSM cell that draws its power from a single AA battery…”

venture-beat“SpareOne a simple phone that can run off of an AA battery—perfect for stashing as an emergency phone along with a prepaid SIM card.”

the-verge“SpareOne makes a compelling case as something to toss in your car’s glovebox or keep in the house in case of an emergency.”

wired“It’s a fantastic idea, and perfect as an emergency phone even for those who don’t regularly carry any phone at all”

yahoo“The idea is that the SparePhone can sit in your glovebox, handbag or bed-side cabinet and be used whenever your regular mobile phone is dead and you have no way of charging it.”

theworldwider“SpareOne, all you need to do is purchase a local SIM card and all your problems will be solved. Spare One allows for up to 10 hours of phone calls on a single AA battery…”

yes“The SpareOne Plus emergency phone’s AA battery can hold its charge, if unused, for up to 15 years.”


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