The Powerocks USA mission is to disconnect from outlets and reconnect with life.  Powerocks provide safe, convenient, and reliable portable charging and power solutions for a variety of mobile devices including smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, GPS units, cameras, and eReaders. Our stylish, portable chargers will refuel your mobile device on the go because life happens away from an outlet.  With a less than 1% defective rate you can be sure when you need power most, it will be in your hands.  Live life off the wall.


Powerocks is the manufacturer of high-end power products, with over 10 years of experience developing lithium ion battery products. OFFWIRE, a national distributor of cellular accessories based in OMAHA, NE, has been bringing the Powerocks product line to the US market since 2011. OFFWIRE has been recognized twice by the Chamber of Commerce as one of Omaha’s fastest growing companies (2001 and 2002) and ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc Magazine three years in a row (2011,  2012, and 2013). The Powerocks product line features escalating battery capacities allowing you to choose what power best meets your lifestyle and device requirements. Portable charging is a growing trend among smartphone users including business travelers, concert and game lovers, busy moms and dads, students, and those who embrace an active and outdoor lifestyle.
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Smartphones, tablets, iPads…mobile devices have become a big part of our lives, taking on key roles and providing entertainment, access to information, and connections, even when we are mobile. It has been trans-formative, improving our lives in ways we never would have imagined.



Powerocks Portable Power Banks To The Rescue

There is, however, one problem, the battery. All these benefits disappear when your battery dies. No entertainment, no communication, no connection to your job, and less freedom. It’s all gone. Your connection to friends and family, your ability to catch up on your reading, those episodes of your favorite show you wanted to catch up on, the “Words with Friends” games you are playing…all gone.
So we are very proud to provide Powerocks portable power banks as a way to extend the benefits your smartphone or tablet provides. We don’t think of them as providing just mobile power, we think of them as providing more of all the good things your device does for you.





Beyond the Battery

Powerocks portable power banks are more than a portable battery, Powerocks are a portable “USB outlet on-the-go”, allowing you to plug in, get the mobile power you need, unplug, and get on with your life. Each one charges your device just as fast as your home outlet does, so you don’t need to be connected for very long to get your device the power it needs.








Portable Power that is Safe!

Powerocks portable power banks are safe. We can’t ask you to keep these chargepacks in your home or to have them around children if they aren’t safe. Powerocks are built to meet numerous international safety standards, like Europe’s CE approval, the independent and highly respected UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approval, and FCC approval. They are also made in a factory that adheres to ISO 9001 quality control processes, and ISO 14001 environmental impact standards. This is important. Batteries, Chargepacks, portable batteries, any sort of portable power product needs to be made with safe battery cells, and this is a big part of Powerocks brand promise. The promise that you will get the amount of portable power that you pay for, and that it will be safe to use and store.

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