Powerocks USA FAQ

Q: Will Powerocks work for iPhones and iPads?

A: Yes, they work very well for Apple products, as well as other smartphones or tablets. One thing to note, the iPad requires a higher charging rate than phones do, a 2A rate(10 Watts) or higher.


Q: What do Powerocks do?

A:  Powerocks chargepacks act as a USB outlet-on-the-go, allowing users to charge various mobile devices without having to be near a home or car outlet, and at the same rate as your home charger.


Q: How do they work?

A: When you receive your chargepack, plug it in overnight. When you go out, grab your phone’s USB cable and the chargepack and take them with you. When your battery gets low, plug the chargepack into your phone with the USB cable to charge it up. After you get the charge you need, unplug the Powerock chargepack and continue on with your day. Some chargepacks require a button to be pressed to initiate charging, others will charge up the phone as soon as they are plugged in. In any case, your phone should show the charging indicator when the Powerock is charging it, just as it does at home.

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Q: How long does it take to fully charge a Powerocks Chargepack?

A: The answer depends upon the chargepack in question, and the type of charger used. These numbers below show the charging time from 0% charge to 100% charge. One note regarding the times listed with different chargers. 2A wall chargers are rare, most users will have a 1A wall charger. Also, some computer USB ports will charge twice as fast as the numbers quoted below.
    • Magicstick 7 hours
    • Magicube 6000 3 hours (2A wall charger) or 6 hours (1A wall charger) or 12 hours (computer USB port)
    • Magicube 9000 4 1/2 hours (2A wall charger) or 9 hours (1A wall charger) or 18 hours (computer USB port)
    • Magicube 12000 6 hours (2A wall charger) or 12 hours (1A wall charger) or 24 hours (computer USB port)
    • Tetris 12 hours
    • Rose Stone 6 hours (1A wall charger) or 12 hours (computer USB port)
    • Stone 3 4 hours (2A wall charger) or 8 hours (1A wall charger) or 16 hours (computer USB port)


Q: Are Powerocks available for custom branding opportunities?

A:  Yes. The aluminum-encased Powerock chargepacks take a customer engraved logo very well. Click this for more information concerning Powerocks as a corporate gift or promotional item.


Q: My Powerock gets warm when charging. Is that normal?

A: Yes, it is normal for Powerocks to warm while in use.


Q: My Powerock is not charging my phone as quickly as you say it should. Is something wrong?

A: Probably not. Powerocks allow the phone to be used while the Powerock is charging it, while at home you typically leave the phone alone while it is charging. The power your phone uses while the Powerock is charging accounts for the longer charging time.


Q: What is my warranty assurance for Powerocks?

A: Powerocks are warrantied for one year after the date of purchase. In order to return your Powerock, please send an email to warranty@powerocks.ca, stating your name, the date of purchase, the particular Powerock you purchased, and the problem. We will return an email with an RMA number for tracking purposes. Send the Powerock chargepack to us with that number on the outside of the package, and we will credit your account once all information has been verified. More details on the Powerocks warranty can be found here.


Q: How long will a Powerock hold it’s charge?

A: A charged Powerock will lose 8% of it’s charge per month, so after 6 months of no use, about 50% of the charge will remain in the Powerock. For those using them in emergency kits, it is recommended that larger capacities be used, and that they be recharged every 3-4 months.


Q: What is the life cycle of a Powerock?

A: Powerocks are rated for 500 full cycles, and a cycle is defined as going from 100% charge to 0 % charge. If you re-charge your Powerock when it reaches 50%, then that accounts for 1/2 a cycle. If you use two full cycles a week, your Powerock should last 5 years.


Q: Will Powerocks charge up other devices?

A: Yes, the portable power supplied by Powerocks Chargepacks can be used with many devices. Powerocks output at 5v. If your device requires 5v output, it should work with a Powerock.


Q: Are Powerocks safe for our homes and the environment?

A: Yes. Powerocks adhere to multiple consumer, quality control, and environmental stewardship standards. They have CE Approval (Europe), UL Approval (Underwriters Laboratory, independent), and FCC (US) approval. They also follow and are certified for both IS0 9001 quality control processes and ISO 14001 environmental impact minimization processes. It should be noted also that Powerocks meets RoHS standards with the CE standards. This stand for Restriction on Hazardous Substances, making Powerocks safer for people and the environment.



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