We critically look at well established, commonplace products, and rethink these. Our ultimate goal by doing so is to create a different standard, so that when someone is asked to picture a certain product, they picture our product, and will have forgotten about the previous design.
To create a different standard, we take the following things in mind:


Design is not about the looks, but about the value

When designing a product, we always take in mind its functionality, and start with a fresh mindset.


Top-down cost calculation

Design often comes with a price tag. The reason for this is that many designers initially start with small batches, and calculate their prices bottom-up: they define the selling price according to the manufacturing cost. We however work top-down: we defined an ideal consumer price, and based all our engineering decisions on reaching that goal.
Our aim is to set a new standard, and that is only possible if anyone can afford to buy our products. By directly focussing on mass production, we get our long-term profits at the front end: by negotiating volume discounts at our suppliers of parts and raw materials.


Our customer does not want a power socket, but a power solution

When designing a product, it is important to think about what the consumer wants. One does not want a power outlet. One wants to have the freedom to work wherever it is the most convenient. Ultimately, we would design a solution by which you do not need power sockets anymore.

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