How to Measure The Portable Power in Your Powerock

People want to know. Does this Powerock really carry the power it says it does?
They wonder, “How do I know if this portable power bank really holds 6000 mAh?”
Simple, by charging your portable device while the device is off and gauging the amount of charge gained.
If you have a Powerock that will charge a full size iPad (Magicube & Rose Stone series) then it is especially easy. Wait until the tablet is below 25%, record the battery charge level, and turn it off completely. Hold down the power button until it powers  down, so there is no background power consumption. No wi-fi, no Bluetooth, no GPS, no updates, notifications, no nothing. Off.
Now plug in your Magicube and press the charge button.
The Magicube & Rose Stone series, with their 2.1 output will empty themselves into a full size iPad in 3 hours. Turn the device back on and record the battery charge now. The difference between when you started now should reflect the amount of charge received from the Powerock. Take that number, check the capacity of your device and see how much power your device received.
iPads need 2 A (10 watts) or more from their portable power bank.
For the iPad 2, 3, and 4, 6000 mAh amounts to about a 50% charge. but battery cells are considered quality cells if they output 90% of the stated capacity, Long story short, we would be happy with at least a 45% charge bump in the tablet in this scenario. If it was an iPad Air, with its smaller battery, we would expect a 55% or higher charge bump.
The test isn’t quite so easy with the smaller power banks, simply because you need to split the test up. iPhones up to the 5s have about a 1500 mAh battery. With the iPhone turned off, and using a Flashlight Magicstick, you should get at least two 10-100% charges out of it. Make sure the iPhone is turned off, they have a tendency to restart after a dead battery and start consuming power again.
We encourage you to check it out. We use quality cells in our Powerocks for a reason.
How to Measure The Portable Power in Your PowerockTASVIR COMPANY

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