Long Summer Days and Powerocks Portable Power

The weather is warming up, and with it come, long, fun days.
Don’t forget your Powerock! A little portable power goes a long way on a long hot day. Bring Powerocks portable power so your smartphone will be there for you after you’ve worn yourself out.
Take the Flash Magicstick, it’s easy to carry, holds 1-2 full phone charges, and also has a handy LED flashlight for late at night.

Powerocks in the summer is about:  

  • staying charged as you use your iPhone for GPS during your vacation
  • staying charged up so you can be in touch and record all the fun stuff at the music festival
  • keeping your Galaxy S fully capable at the Fair with your friends
  • having enough power to get home after a exhausting day
  • using your tablet for entertainment on long car and airplane rides.
Don’t kid yourself. Your Powerock will be your second most-important device this summer, ’cause it will keep your first most-important device all charged up.
Long Summer Days and Powerocks Portable PowerTASVIR COMPANY

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