Galaxy S5 “Ultra Power Save Mode”

The Samsung Galaxy S5’s new “Ultra Power Save Mode” sounds like just what we have been waiting for. As phones get more powerful and ubiquitous in our lives, battery life is not keeping up,  so many of us are finding our batteries are done before our day is. Enter the Galaxy S5, with it’s “Ultra Power Save Mode”, promising to extend the life of your battery…sort of. It doesn’t extend the battery, it simply puts the phone into black and white and shuts down non essential services once the battery hits 10%. So it’s the same battery performance, but your beautiful Galaxy S5 is now pretty much a butter phone, good for making calls but little else. It’s a start, and does serve well in emergency situations, but when your phone dies, your issue isn’t usually “emergency calls”, it’s everything else that is the problem.
“Ultra Power Save Mode” is nice, but it doesn’t go terribly far in solving the issue of battery life. We need better.
Galaxy S5 "Ultra Power Save Mode"TASVIR COMPANY

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