About PhotoFast

About PhotoFast

PhotoFast, known for creating visionary products and cutting-edge technology, has been recognized globally since its establishment in 2003. Based in Taiwan and available around the world, PhotoFast’s storage solutions and mobile accessories have been praised by key industry influencers for their innovation, design and convenience. PhotoFast products undergo extreme research and development prior to manufacturing, ensuring only the absolute highest quality tech accessories reach consumers worldwide. Pioneers of the consumer electronics market, PhotoFast continues to produce exceptional quality gadgets and break new ground in the technology industry.


Brand story of PhotoFast

PhotoFast established in 2003, starting with online photo printing service. It is now the largest online photo printing service in Taiwan. With 4,000+ pickup points and add-value online services, it allows customers to make purchases and receive their product in a short time. The brand name, PhotoFast, indicating specialty and speed, represents it as being a fast photo printer and creator. When the digital camera first came out on the market, it made a huge, global impact on the photo printing industry. With this historical industry failing, PhotoFast realized the importance of being innovative. Even though the online printing business is still growing because of photos going digital, the founder of PhotoFast decided the company must constantly innovate and make correct decisions in an instant when it comes to adjusting to the trends of the industry. “Fast Innovation” has become the corporate culture and spirit.
PhotoFast started to restructure the services offered to consumer electronics in 2004. In dedicating our products with innovation, uniqueness, easy use, premium quality, and trend forecasting, PhotoFast constantly develops better services and solutions for its customers. With ten years of experience, PhotoFast’s exquisite products are selling over 50 countries, 17 airlines worldwide. Even NASA put in a product inquiry for astronauts to use in space.
PhotoFast is now a premium Smart Accessory brand that focuses on design, innovation, premium quality, and functionality. The team is full of creative talents who are passionate in delivering the best solutions for their customers. By standing at the user’s perspective, PhotoFast continues to provide the best solutions to the challenges of this digital age.


Factory Tour

PhotoFast’s factory in Taipei currently has eight advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines. At three shifts per day, the total production capacity is 2.5 million units per month.
PhotoFast uses only the most modern manufacturing and testing equipment, making our advanced production facility the best in the industry. Production staff is intensively trained to ensure that all products meet the company’s rigorous quality standards. Combined with our global logistics and distribution system, our customers are assured that they get quality products as soon as they need them, anywhere in the world.
Every PhotoFast part we produce is individually tested using our sophisticated testing equipment and testing software written pecifically for each product. PhotoFast’s efficient and thorough quality control ensures that we deliver more than just great products—we deliver confidence.

Scheduled Production / Flexible Manufacturing Process

To produce over 2,000 lines of products, PhotoFast operates an efficient manufacturing system based on scheduled production. By minimizing downtime when changing SMT lines from product to product, our manufacturing centers ensure sufficient operating inventory is available for our customers around the world, even for specialist applications. Also, our processes are highly flexible, allowing our production plans to be changed on very short notice. This means that our offices can be kept fully stocked, even when a customer makes an unexpected order.

Total Quality Control

PhotoFast has implemented the concept of Total Quality Control throughout every level of the company from R&D and Production to Administration and MIS. “Quality”is the guiding principle for PhotoFast products, staff development, and business and management systems. Internal regulations and procedures have been established to provide tight control over every aspect of PhotoFast’s operations. These rules and procedures are periodically evaluated for reformation or revision. The flexibility of the company’s business practices means there is always room for improvement and adoption of new methods.



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