5 Places You Didn’t Think You Would Need Your Portable Smartphone Charger

We all have our ideas about where we wouldn’t want to be caught out without our smartphones, but when  you buy a Powerocks portable phone charger, you end up using it a lot more that you thought you would. Here are the top 5 places your Powerock will be as indispensable as your smartphone:


1. On The Couch

Yup, the couch. Sitting down in front of the big event with your smartphone has become a habit, but you need to charge it before you go out later. Enter your trusty Powerocks portable smartphone charger. Now you, your iPhone, and your hash-tags can frolic without leaving you with a dead battery for your night out.


2. In a Power Outage

They happen, and hopefully your Powerock will be charged up when it happens. Cell towers operate on a different power grid then your home, so even if the power is out, you can still make calls and access the internet. Keep your Powerock charged up.


3. Anywhere in the US

I don’t know what it is about travelling to the US, but every time we do, our battery time drops by 20-30%. You don’t need to lose access to your iPhone when you are in a strange city. Keep your Powerock charged and keep it close.


4. The Library

It’s not easy getting a seat near the outlets during busy times.


5. At the Hospital

Any large institution tends to have bad signal inside, and hospitals are the worst. Bad signal means the phone draws more power and you get low battery times. Whatever you do, if you think you will be waiting at the hospital for an extended period, do not forget your Powerock. If you are visiting someone, bring them a Powerock. You will be thanked.
5 Places You Didn't Think You Would Need Your Portable Smartphone ChargerTASVIR COMPANY

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